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"This unique service is an essential documentation process for any person with beneficiaries and those whose partners are not financially sophisticated. ‎The documentation process will enable beneficiaries to smooth the probate process and inheritance tax processes and save months and even years of real hardship and fact finding at a deeply emotional and stressful time.


This service is a pre-requisite for those who wish to ensure that their beneficiaries are the true people who benefit from assets built up over many years, instead of professionals incurring significant time on basic data gathering."

Brian White

Former Senior Tax Partner and Chartered Tax Adviser at Deloitte

As a Solicitor with 40 years' experience I cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping records of your financial affairs and assets.  Financial institutions hold many hundreds of millions in dormant bank accounts, unclaimed assets and insurance policies.  They are not particularly anxious to locate the owner and return the funds. 


Two years ago, a major high street bank was heavily fined by the Regulator for holding £300,000,000 in dormant accounts without contacting the owners.  Make sure that this does not happen to you and keep proper records, for your own benefit and for the benefit of your nearest and dearest.

Geoffrey Greenhouse

Greenhouse Stirton & Co

Important information regarding health is incredibly valuable in an acute medical setting. For individuals admitted to hospitals who are unable to advocate for themselves due to illness or incapacity, documentation detailing their significant health problems, medications and allergy status is extremely helpful for the medical team.


From my own experiences working in A&E, it is easier to provide good medical care if patients are accompanied with relevant, clear documentation. Additionally, having quick access to someone's next of kin or emergency contact helps the team looking after the person and the patient's relatives during their admission.

Dr Sam Seitler

NHS Doctor

The forms were exceptionally inclusive and detailed with payments and other important information that I hadn't thought about. AL